William H Diller Jewelers, serving Berks County shoppers since 1914, invites you to visit their newly renovated West Reading landmark.

Chances are your grandmother selected her diamond engagement ring from Wm H Diller Jewelers and now couples can continue the tradition selecting from exclusive brand names such as Ritani, John Bagley, Celtic Class, Diana Classics and Gelin & Abaci.

Become a Master Mind Reader or Drop a Hint! Hint!

Please stop by Wm H Diller’s and allow your significant other to become a mind reader with our wish lists. Browse our store and pick some goodies for your list and we will keep it on file so your “Santa” can choose just the right gift this holiday season. We also have great Hint!Hint! cards just add your favorite jewelry picks and Casually sit it by his coffee, newspaper or night stand he will be happy to become your mind reader.

New Designers

New One of a Kind Sterling Silver Designers

Diller’s welcomes 4 new silver designers: Echo of the Dreamer, Amy Kahn Russell, Mystical Madness, and Great Falls Metalworks. Be sure to stop by and check out their “One of a Kind” creations. Created with fabulous gems and colors.